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5 definitions by DJ Skimask

a large group of females scurrying about; the girl version of a sausage fest
Dude check out that beavertown heading our way!
by DJ Skimask May 07, 2009
14 0
The counter response to the silly saying "cool beans".
Tom: Hey man I just got the new xbox 360 game

Chris: Cool Beans!

Mike: Naaa, Hot Carrots
by dj skimask April 15, 2009
13 3
The art of pleasing someone via the ears
Oh my god he wanted me to give him an earski, What a freak!
by DJ Skimask February 14, 2009
8 0
Hitting someone so hard that they fall to the ground and squirm with the worms
Dude back up right now before I thunderwhop you!
by DJ Skimask May 09, 2009
5 0
A girl who is mad herb
Dude she was such a herbette, wouldn't even holla at me
by DJ Skimask January 28, 2009
7 2