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The proper word for someone who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. The stereotypical Edmontonian loves sports and hates Calgary to infinity and beyond.
I myself am an Edmontonian.
by DJ Silly Hat September 23, 2007
The practice of distrusting or disliking those of a perceived higher social class than oneself. Therefore, a hick who hates rich people would be a reverse snob.
A hillbilly just spit on that kid with the D&G sunglasses! Reverse snobbery in action!
by DJ Silly Hat July 28, 2008
Hoop earings so large that one can easily grab them and deliver a sharp yank, stopping the wearer in their tracks.
I say, take a gander at the pimp handles on yonder prostitute.
by DJ Silly Hat March 24, 2008
Perhaps the most entertaining word in the universe. Used in David Firth's short animation "The Child That Smelt Funny".




-As taken from David Firth's vastly amusing "The Child That Smelt Funny"
by DJ Silly Hat March 04, 2008
A gesture usually exibited by male Homo Sapiens, it involves reaching for ones nuts and yelling something idiotic.
Wow, Tom Cruise just did a crotchgrab.
by DJ Silly Hat August 22, 2007
The act of washing your hands in a public washroom, flicking the water on another person, and yelling PEE HANDS!
Person 1: Pee hands! *flick flick*

Person 2: Don't be gross.
by DJ Silly Hat August 22, 2007
The scientific word for the fear of the male genitals.
My friend has phalliophobia.
by DJ Silly Hat October 24, 2007

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