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The best/worst thing for a high-schooler to experience before they take their leap into the real world. A last chance for friends/crushes/acquaintances/etc. to get together for the last time, and, hopefully, get phone numbers/e-mail addresses/Myspaces to talk to each other after they all leave high school.
At graduation, I tried to kiss my than girlfriend, she moved away from the kiss, and told me that she was cheating on me someone else. She than proceeded to graduate while my dad took a picture of us standing together with our diploma covers. Needless to say, my graduation sucked ass. Also, don't throw your caps when you graduate. I did, and got back one without a graduating class pin.
#graduation #graduate #diploma #cap #gown
by DJ Retro May 30, 2007
Something I wish I had. Otherwise, I'll be surfing the internet forever playing kinda boring online games and masturbating to porno.
Person 1: Hey, I just got a girlfriend!
Person 2: Where did you find her? The Red Light District?
Person 1: What? Are you jealous?
Person 2: Fuck you! I can get one, I just don't want to...
#love #fornication #lover #valentine #sex
by DJ Retro March 02, 2007
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