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a shortened form of "know what I mean?" used in various US cities but particularly in the midatlantic region of the US.

Can be used either as a quesdtion or rhetorically.

It is said that in Philadelphia there are 11 forms and intonations ranging from "na mean" to naw mean" varying in tempo and pitch.

A: "Damn, that jawn is tight!"
B: "Na mean, kid"
by DJ PennyPincher May 30, 2006
meaning "know what I mean"

A play on the term "na mean" or "naw mean" and deliverable in the same range of intonation, tempo and pitch. Where as these root terms can be used as questions, 'yao ming' is purely exclamatory.

explicitly meant to be cheesy.

Coined in Philadelphia by N. Maldonado in 2003 following Yao Ming's NBA debut.
A: "Damn that bum out front the WAWA stank ass"
B: "yao ming!"
by DJ PennyPincher May 30, 2006

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