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A sexual act performed by gay men, involving one man who is uncut (not circumsized)

Pressing the heads of two penises together and pulling the fore-skin over the other and simultaneously masturbating both.
Man #1: Wanna play tummy sticks?

Man #2: Sure, can we shrink wrap?

man #1 proceed to pull his foreskin over the head of man # 2 and they mutually masturbate.
by DJ Mack Attack June 04, 2009
An act of Gay love between two men.

Pulling the scrotum out along the shaft and holding them together.

This forms a slot, or pouch between the two that, if gripped tight enough can be fucked.

This resembles and gets its name from a Kangaroo pouch
Man #1: I don't want it in the ass tonight.

Man #2: Shrink Wrap?

Man #1: No, that doesn't do anything for me.

Man #2: Roo Pouch?

Man #1: Sure, me first!

Man pulls his balls out and holds them along his shaft while the other sticks his cock in the space and proceeds to fuck it.
by DJ Mack Attack June 04, 2009
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