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2 definitions by DJ Lil Beaver

The noise someone makes with a penis in their mouth. Can be used to jokingly refer to performing oral sex
I met this sexy ass girl the other night" "Does she gurble?
by DJ Lil Beaver October 19, 2010
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When there is too many females in a room/enclosed area complaining about their problems, (whether it is their unsatisfactory boyfriends, their controling parents, crappy jobs, etc) and the room or enclosed area feels as if it is going to explode from the abundance of bitching. It may lead to cracked windows, poor internet connection, or miserable males.
the windshield would have never cracked from just a simple kick, it must of been because there was just too much bitch-pressure in the car for it to handle
by DJ Lil Beaver October 17, 2010
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