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Shwendyll was created by a manager at the worlds 2nd largest Grocery Chain, Harps Food Stores Inc, DJ KChop.
It is another combination word that happend to appear after several Adderalls, Shwendyll means Kendyll and Shweet!
One can only be a Shwendyll if they are named any derivitive of the name kendyll and are shweet like a real nigga!
Shwendyll, wtf are you doing?
Shwendyll, do you think you are acting appropriately right now?
WTF are you doing Shwendyll?
I see what kind of day it is, Shwendyll!
by DJ KChop June 20, 2009
Coined by DJ KChop of the NWArk. Srunked means not stoned. not drunk. but Stoned and Drunk! When both, you are skrunked. See also...skrunkity, skrunk, skrunkzed.
My niggas all skrunked up!
We all be gettin' skrunked tonite!
I been so skrunked off dat shtuff I'm ready for da tweak.
by DJ KChop June 20, 2009
Shtuff is another word coined by the Midwest Rapper and DJ, DJ KChop. Shtuff is a combination word of shit and stuff. You can use shtuff in place of the word stuff or the word shit.
Man, had a nigga seen dat shtuff recently?
Look at dem niggas doing dat shtuff!
HaHa, dem niggas got some tite shtuff up in they pad!
We should rob dat bank, my nigga and take they shtuff!
Why would a nigga ever do dat kinda shtuff?
by DJ KChop June 20, 2009

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