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3 definitions by DJ Holva

Breakcore was started by gabber producers that began to get tired of 4/4 beats and wanted to experiment with the gabber sound. It has become a highly technical experimental genre that goes against musical theory yet still sustains to being effective music. Breakcore can either be dead serious or the funniest shit u've ever heard. Bassically Gabber + Drum and Bass
Artist include Venetian Snares, Drop the Lime, Otto Von Schirach, Doormouse, Stunt Rock, Society Suckers
by DJ Holva February 20, 2005
64 27
Freeform: A new, evolved form of electronic music that branched out of hardcore in 1999, but wasn't a full on genre until about 2002. Freeform combines aspects from Acid, Goa, Drum and Bass, Gabber, and Old Skool. Its known for its fast beat, usually ranging from 175-185 BPM. Its thought of as psychedelic hardcore, or a more intellectual form of hardcore (not refering to punk rock), being not chessy like happy hardcore but not as dark or hard as Gabber Orgin - United Kingdom
Artist include AMS, Kevin Energy, Robbie Long, Panacea, Luna-C, Uplift.
by DJ Holva February 20, 2005
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Middle easter kosher dessert made from sesame seeds. Something that brings both Jews and Arabs together for a good time.
Mortichi - "Try this halavah, it melts in your mouth"
Ali - "Mmmmmmmmmm, delicious"
by DJ Holva March 01, 2005
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