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A digital world where people without a first life mingle and be pathetic togethor in harmony.
"Timmy and I play Second Life and then we watch reruns of our middle school graduation while masturbating."
by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006
John Mayer it!

A way to turn any guitar song into something that people will relate to. Gets the guitar player instant pussy and respect from his borderline emo friends.
Them: "Man, I don't think anyone likes this song I wrote."

You: "John Mayer it! You'll get laid in no time."

Them: "Thanks man, that really worked."
by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006


Synonym for "to fuck up very badly."
"I Iraq'd this shit up!"

"I Iraq'd my paper and now I have to repeat the 9th grade... again."
by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006
You wanna fight about it? Question, phrase, expletive.

You say this when you feel like pretending you are an Italian mobster. This phrase must always be spoken with a stereotypical Italian accent.
Them: "Dude, you completely fucked up my science project when you poured beer on it!"

You: "You wanna fight about it?"

by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006
A former republican presidential nominee and senator who spoiled his reputation by doing Viagra ads.

Can be used as a verb: "I Bob Doled your mom."
Can be used as a noun: "I picked myself up a pack of Bob Doles."
Can be used as an adjective: "The Bob Dole room is the sexiest room in the house."
by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006
Borderline Emo

One who is not openly emo to the world but secretly listens to soft music and writes poetry.

Also may have suspicious looking scars.
Them: "Hey dude, the Death Cab concert is in town!"

You: "Wow dude, I never knew you were a borderline emo."

Them: "Fuck you."
by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006
A backwards clothespin used to hang up light gels.
"Grab me a handful of C-47's Mike!"

"No, and furthermore, go fuck yourself."
by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006
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