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The skid marks on a woman's panties caused by vaginal discharge which tends to dry and look like the combination of both a traditional skid mark and rock candy. Having the slight odor of urine, cum and rotted fish. This is one sign that the female in question has Gash Rash and is someone you may not want to go down on (for fear of growing hair on your tongue) or have sex with (at least not without wearing 10 condoms). Mostly prevalent at raves, strip clubs and Grateful Dead or Phish shows.
I went to the strip club and this dancer asked me to take her home and give it to her good. I was really looking forward to the sex until I pulled her g-string off with my teeth and saw the Crusty Snot Trough on the inside of the material.
by DJ Fuzzynutz January 08, 2011

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