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Abbreviation of Typical Slut Text.

Typical Slut Texts can crop up at any time, even when you think all is well (not to be confused with Genital Warts)
Girl: "I love spending time with you. xxx"
Guy: "You too, you're great! xxx"

*Next day*

Guy: "Hey, what you up to? Hope all is good! xxx"
Girl: "Hey i'm in town x"

by DJ Fritzl - Drum & BASEMENT July 26, 2010
Commonly reffered to as a TST, the Typical slut text is a text message a guy recieves from a girl who is undecided on whether or not to be a complete slut.

A TST can range from simply killing the conversation, to contradicting what they may have previosly said.
Girl: "Really really enjoyed seeing you earlier, you're so nice. Hopefully see you tomorrow ;) xxx"
Guy: "Yeah same, speak to you tomorrow! xxx"

*Next day*

Guy: "Hey, you allright? Wuu2? Hope you're okay and stuff. xxx"
Girl: "At Work :) x" <-- Typical Slut Text (TST)
by DJ Fritzl - Drum & BASEMENT July 26, 2010
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