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A ZOMbie PIrate niNJa roBOT wich is a combonation between thise 4 creatures. It is said to be the ultimate fighting machine.
I was walking home and a zompinja-bot jumped out at me, it managed to infect me, steal my gold coins, slice off my arm and give me spyware.
by DJ Ethos October 21, 2006
Aquabats are a strnage creature that lives at depths of 200-300 feet in the Pacific Ocean around California. Aquabats are a freshwater creature yet thanks to a professor who created rash gaurds for then they are able to live in the saltyest of enviroments. Aquabats mainly feed on Digital Unicorns, Magical Chickens and Pig Bats. It is beleved that due to aquabats feeding rituals pig bats have become extinct. Many beleve that aquabats would not be with us if it weren't for the efforts of Shaquille O'Niel who helped stop The Floating Eye of Death by sinning it some very patriotic songs. One of the few creatures that feed on aquabats are Android Dolphins.
Hey mommy can we go see the aquabats at the zoo?

Be carful when swimming, an aquabat may grab you and turn you to skadom!
by DJ Ethos October 21, 2006
To go out to a rave with any creature of the suborder "Pinniped".
So a seal walked into a club...

I was on the beach clubbing seals yesterday.

Me and some university friends got drunk and went seal clubbing.
by DJ Ethos October 24, 2006
Just like jell-o shooters but you replace the jell-o with jizz
those were some good jizz-o shooters at your party
by DJ Ethos October 21, 2006
A giant yo-yo usually about 5 inches across that can leave the string. Some beleave it is what happened when a drunk yo-yo and a horny pair of devil sticks got together. Many people who have never done it before think it's simple or will tell you to do things that are imposible.
I diaboloed for little kids once and accedentally killed him.

Hey, toss the diabolo up and to 2 back flips and catch it with your teeth.
by DJ Ethos October 22, 2006

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