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When A Car Has 23'' Rims.
DAAAAMNNNNNNNNNN!!!! Dat Nigga Is Rollin' On Michael Jordans
by DJ Diamondz July 24, 2006
Altamont Kansas Slang Fo' Your Friends
yo i was smokin some purple haze and sippin on some Trey wit my jo-johns.
by DJ Diamondz July 25, 2006
Ghettro speak, same as Yadadameen, but cooler sounding.
Man That Chick Is hyphy, i'ma go give her some of my happy ho juice, Yadadigamajig?
by DJ Diamondz June 05, 2006
Someone who has sex with dead animals.
Dude #1 - Dude, last night I caught Joel Madden that fag from Good Charlette fucking a dead cow.
Dude #2 - That Fucking Necrozooliphile

by DJ Diamondz September 05, 2006
a drink consisting of root beer, orange juice, grey goose, hennessy, vodka, tequila, patron, hpnotiq, redline, red bull, and Trey.
we wuz gettin hyphy and sippin on dookie drank at tha sideshow
by DJ Diamondz July 27, 2006
Hometown Of Da Illest White Dj, DJ Diamondz, Yadadmeen?
Yo mang i got super hyphy & i woke up scrapin in A-Town Altamont Kansas.
by DJ Diamondz June 05, 2006
A crazy ass drink consisting of vodka, tequila, hpnotiq, grey goose, hennesy, red bull, hyphy energy, and crunk juice
yo man, there was this big ass party and everyone was gettin hyphy on Trey
by DJ Diamondz July 24, 2006

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