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An obnoxious sound made by either a gangsta, or cracker, when trying to describe the noise a gun makes.
Eminem: "All I'm tryna say is get back, click-clack BLAOW!"
by DJ D-Willis July 19, 2010
A monkey emoticon. Useful in all conversations.
You: @(- . -)@

Friend: wut?
by DJ D-Willis July 20, 2010
Someone who is a complete asshole. A person who never does what they're told, and is always very rude in public. Inspired by a comedy bit from the Chappelle Show
While teaching a classroom of toddlers, Jeff also spent an hour on the phone with his gf telling her how he would bang her tonight. He us a total "PopCopy Employee"
by DJ D-Willis July 19, 2010
The opposite of the term sitting duck. A word meaning a person who is always active and attentive at all times. A lazy Standing Goose has never been observed.
After my 3-mile jog yesterday, Tina commented me by saying I was a "Standing Goose". Then we did it. :)
by DJ D-Willis July 21, 2010
An adjective meaning cool, or hip. The word "Negur" is in no way related to the N-Word.
My friend Dave is a Negur.
by DJ D-Willis July 15, 2010

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