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2 definitions by DJ Connors

An activity in which two (2) bros exchange vital information on their respective women-finding adventures.

*NOTE* When a bro calls a debrief session it MUST halt any other activity in which said bro is partaking. This includes (but not limited to): Sports, Video Games, TV, Girlfriends (if applicable), magazines, showering, sex (although very un-bro like behaviour) etc.
Bro, we've gotta Debrief about that mint cutlet I dotted the I with on Operation Niche
by DJ Connors April 11, 2006
An outing to the Camberwell Market. Bambi is derived from Cambi which is short for Camberwell.
I'll meet you under that big shelter thing during Operation Bambi
by DJ Connors April 11, 2006