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Janky is a very common club word used to describe someone who is high on crystal meth (Tina). Also know as "tweakin'." It is usually used to describe a shady user, or dealer.
"Carl is so janky. He once spent 3 hours cleaning his bath tub."
by DJ July 04, 2004
What started as a misunderstanding between one witty English scholar and a German student with poor English one day in a Yahoo! chat room soon became what is known today as the connex phenomenon. Connex is now used in chat rooms, IRC, and e-mail alike and is yet another one of the internet trends. Basically it can mean any action, reaction, word with implied meaning, or even as a redundant word. Usually it is just used to piss people off, but a lot of times it is also used to try and refer to something without actually saying it.
<DJ_PsYkiK>OMFG d00d, I want to connex LISA.


<FiremanSTEVE>I connex'd so much one day, my friend was like "connex!", and then he went and connex'd
<DJ_PsYkiK>Good job d00d, you have it. You even used the formal connex'd over the informal connexed. Nice.
by DJ July 19, 2004
a fifty (like 50 dollar bill)
hay folk i aint got nuthin but a nifty
by dj May 24, 2004
to be very DJ like...
dude... hes so much like DJ..
by DJ April 05, 2005
PsYcho is a 6'2", 220 pound wrestler who was at the top of his game back in 2001 when he won the NRW World Championship. In 2002 he started alongside Bladez the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. Together they took the e-fed world by storm. Now in 2005 PsYcho is still co-owner of the strongest corporation XWF: NRW. He is currently dating the XWF Commissioner Terri Park.
Finishing Manuever: PsYcho Bomb, Suicide Drop.
"...holy shit...PsYcho just jumped off the top of the cage with the Suicide Drop."
by DJ March 24, 2005
Loal= Often found merging with unsuspecting IP Adresses and sometimes BC.
BC: "Muchas smoochas loal!!"
KS: "huggle me plz"
DJ: "ya'll whack."
by DJ February 28, 2004
cocaine,"white boy", "tony montana"
i heard dat nigga on dat dogg food folk
by dj October 12, 2003

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