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teeny boppers are those yong tenage girls whom have not reached matchorety. thear usuoly beween 14-20 yers old ther all vrgens thay love femail pop stars wair clothes frome hot topik and watch american idol thay halv no clue on sex yet will take off ther pantees to the first guy that ses i love u trust me i know it works thay say your just a frend yet will fuck you if you ask wrightthaer freeks in bed doing crasy stuff they saw on epesodes of REAL SEX . if you come across one i say fuck the living daylights out of that pussy then thay wont be vergens hens not a teeny boppers .teeny doppers sholdent be haighted o wagit yes yes haight them and halv sex with then but only the skiny ones no fat chix all thoe more cushin fore the pushin sounds tempting OPPS !uuuu togethe as men we will rise up and defeet the teeny bopper nation one pussy at a time
sqeeks alot mainly wen happy , wears cloths from hot topik(goth place of shoping),skin color wite or mixed some tines portoreken or polish
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