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The act of Strobe Fucking:

Usually feels like you've just been sexually assaulted when you get a strobe fuck. Done by an Inexperienced, Inconsiderate Lover, or Partner, or Porn Star having unemotional intercourse with a partner at a furiously fast pace repeatedly entering and exiting the vagina or rectum or both at the same time like a strobe light going on and off and inflecting no pleasure or giving no pleasure while doing the Strobe Fuck,


Anyone doing the sex act with a Git "R" Done attitude giving their partner a strobe fuck their Vagina or rectum or both furiously to the point of numbness. The strobe fuck is the most Dis pleasurable, unemotional, non-orgasmic uninteresting sex you could possibly inflict on a lover.
Example: Phone ringing...

-Girl answers: "Hey hoe! what you doing?"

-Caller says: "Oh I'm Just lying here getting a strobe fuck From some inexperienced nobody !"

-Caller says: "Oh I'll let you go your busy bitch!"

-Girl says: "no! no! don't worry I'm up to talking on the phone It's just a strobe fuck! No biggie!"


-Guy says: "Oh Baby Are you just loving my performance, am I doing you fast and furious baby?"

-Girl answers: "Just Git"R" Done this is the last strobe fuck you get from me asshole! Next time I want a strobe fuck I'll use my Vibrating Instant-Dick to strobe fuck me. You bastard, now I can't feel anything, you fucked me so hard and fast that my pussy is numb!"
by DIRTY WORD BIRD February 12, 2010
The Bitch Slapp is the highest degree of insult that you can inflict on a Man or Woman during an assault to justify anger by committing the open handed Bitch Slapp Or,

Bitch Slapp can also be the highest form of torture done to a person having huge breast or Butt this happens when someone grabs your breast or Butt cheeks, or a cock and a nut sack and slams them together hard so that they make a slapping sound thus making that person extremely angry enough to Bitch , thus Bitch slapp!
Example: Whatca Mean You Been sleeping all over the place and you been cheating on me and now you leaving me for those girls. The Guy takes his open hand and slaps his no good for nothing cheating pussy licking Gay lover. Here Let me Bitch Slapp you into Unconsciousness. I Will Bitch Slapp you until you know my name Bitch!

Example: Bitch Slapp. Two girls fighting over a dude that's been cheating on both of them they Slapp that Dude across the face like he is a Bitch. Here you Hold him girl while I Bitch Slapp Him Silly He will Know not to mess with us bitches!

Example: You Bastard Why You Bitch slapp my breast and my Butt Cheeks like they's a Ball Clackers. Why I should take your cock and Nut Sack and slapp them together so hard and see how you like the Bitch Slapp.
by DIRTY WORD BIRD February 11, 2010

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