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One of Yosemite Sam's Catchphrases used to describe a Stupid Idiot Dragon, Or Used To describe Bugs Bunny.

Idjit Is a very high Degree of insult to anyone who is an idiot or stupid. you Idjit!

Idjit another meaning for the word Idiot, meaning very very stupid.

Idjit commonly used to describe anyone who is intelligently challenged. Idjits anger others with their stupidity thus others must resort to name calling. You Idjit!
Example: You Stupid idjit bedraggled dragon! Dragons is so stupid! quote used by Yosemite Sam.

Example: Yosemity Sam to Bugs Bunny Bugs Lighting up a match in the gun powder room on the ship; Why You Crazy Doggone Idjit, whatcha trying to do blow us to smithereens?! I Hates Rabbits!

Example: Did you stick that pickle in your ear !? How idjit Can you be!? You Idjit!

Example: Girl To Ex- Friend You Idjit! I can't Sill Be your Friend After You Just stole my boyfriend! Oh you Idjit!

Example: A man stops to Get his morning coffee At The most popular coffee shop in the city. The counter girl keeps making the man repeat his order . Sir Did you say 3 cream 4 sugars? for the forth time the man repeats No You Idjit! A Regular coffee with 1 cream and 1 sugar. counter girl oh OK 2 cream and 1 sugar! Man replies no! no! no! you stupid idjit! Are You a total Idjit?
by DIRTY BIRD WORD February 06, 2010

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When someone doesn't get their complete order in a Drive-THRU Restaurant or Coffee Shop. Got Fucked In The Drive-THRU.

An incomplete order done by total retards in Most restaurants or Coffee Shop's Drive-THRU Thus, You Just Got Fucked in the drive-THRU.

Not to be confused with getting free sex or getting laid From Bitches at a Drive-THRU.
Example #1: Dude # 1. Yo! Dude Where's My straw for my soft drink? What no fork?
Dude # 2. I don't Know? It should all be in you bag dude. Hey You got any ketchup in your order? I don't have any for my fries? Oh no where's my super duper Bacon double pickle triple cheese burger I ordered! dude I don't fucking believe it! Those Idjits didn't put it in my bag Dude! I got Fucked in the Drive-THRU!
Dude # !. You know It Dude ! We Got Fucked in The Drive-THRU!
Dude #2 Should we drive all the way back to Big Prick Burger Joint and get our order done right from them Idjit Retard Drive-THRU Bitches. Man This is fucked up! Dude I hate This Shit Service. I got fucked in the drive-THRU!

Example #2: Girl#1 At A Coffee Sop Drive-THRU Ordering. Could I please have a Extra large Crappachino with whipped cream and fudge brownie toppings thanks.
Girl#2 says gee I hope they get the order right. The last time I ordered here They didn't make my order properly they forgot to give me my Donuts! I got Fucked in the Drive-THRU!
Girls get the order and drive away. Girl #1. Notices there is no fudge brownie toppings on her Crapachino coffee she ordered and her donuts are missing. What The Fuck where's the fudge? Girl#2 says see I told you what those fuckers do! You got fucked in the Drive-THRU!
by DIRTY BIRD WORD February 11, 2010

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