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4 definitions by DINOLazar

Like the name suggests, it's like a power nap.
When you don't have time too take a nice dump and are forced to evacuate quickly, but not entirely.
-Hurry up, we're gonna be late for the party!
-In a minute! I gotta go take a power crap! Darn, I knew I had one too many chicken wings!
by DINOLazar November 01, 2010
A person who gets a crowd psyched up by being the first one to clap or to shout.
Also a person who claps and shouts, at a small concert or show, enough to replace a small cheering crowd.
Man, that show tonight had a rough crowd, at least Gary was there to get them to start cheering, he's a one-man crowd!
by DINOLazar August 19, 2010
Food that you accidentally swallow whole, like a pill.
(Two friends laughing, friend #1 is eating)
Friend#1: (gulp!) *cough-cough*
Friend#2: Haha..hehe, hey man, you okay?
Friend #1 Ergh!..*cough* hehe, I'm fine, just swallowed a food pill heheehe =]
by DINOLazar January 11, 2011
"Eye" crap => iCrap
That hardened, sticky stuff that you wake up with in the morning on your eyes.
It's usually dried tears from when you yawn too much before falling asleep. (my hypothesis)
Dude, this morning, I had so much iCrap on my eyes, that I couldn't open them! =O
by DINOLazar February 27, 2011