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Sparta is a small agricultural society leading the European Union. Its main values are democracy, justice and freedom of all men. Its gifts to mankind are arts and religion, and is renowned for their great army.

SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!!!, on the other hand, (note the difference in number of AAAAAAAs) is a perpetual bloodbath notorious for their blood-red beaches, severed body parts strewn across the ground, 6 women being raped simotanously, and their hand in their pants. Residents of the city spend their free time skinny-dipping in hot tubs filled with blood, larynges, ears, eyeballs, blood, small intestines, large intestines, large intestines stuffed inside small intestines, and, to the horror of many blood. If you go to SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!!!, be sure to bring a large army, your balls, and several thousand gallons of moonshine.
“Note To Self:Do No Take Midnight walks In Sparta, When Insane Leaders Are Around......”

~ The Persians on Sparta
by DINING IN HEELLL! February 17, 2009
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