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darien is a small town in connecticut, in fairfield county with an overwhelming population of the preppiest teenagers you can find, the most beautiful housewives and the richest men. country clubs, yacht clubs and beach clubs are abundant, and you are considered poor if you are not a member of one of these organizations where you often are not allowed without a collared shirt. darien is next to new canaan and near greenwich, westport and fairfield where the same kinds of people can be found at their waterfront mansions showing obscene wealth.

home to some of the most ridiculous house parties that would make college students jealous, darien also has some of the most worthless policemen alive, who do nothing but drive around and bust up a house party if they are in such a mood. polo, lacoste, burberry, louis vuitton, vineyard vines, gucci, and prada are some of the favorite brands of the teenagers there, many of whom must have been born with a lacrosse stick in their hands.

despite nonstop drinking and partying, darien high school students are often accepted at top ivy league and other colleges, or at least the ones who haven't already been shipped off to a boarding prep school such as Andover, Deerfield, Choate or Taft. the population of darien is arrogant as a whole, looking down on anyone with less money or intelligence or ability than they have. darieners spend their summers in nantucket, martha's vineyard, cape cod or block island at their second homes and their winters at their ski houses.
driving through darien on my way to the real world, i noticed teenagers driving BMWs, Jeeps, Audis, Mercedes Benzes and Lexuses, moms so hot that they could be in their 20s, and a ridiculous array of preppy teenagers and rich, conservative adults on their way to the golf course or the yacht.

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