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3 definitions by DHAMMER


to bring left over, warm or incredibly inexpensive beer to a party with no intention of drinking them, then leaving those beers in the host's cooler/fridge and drinking from the keg, or pulling other people expensive beers from the cooler/fridge all night.

shit-beer(ed) past tense
Ted: Had a good time at the party on Saturday. How was the clean-up on Sunday?
Fred: Not too bad, no one puked. But, Dom shit-beered me again. I found four warm Southpaw Lights in my cooler this morning.
by DHAMMER September 14, 2009
to be slapped with the “admonishment screen” by your corporate server, when attempting to view a social marketing or shopping website (i.e., Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Ebay)

your punishment for attempting to access social marketing or shopping websites (see webspank, verb) while at the office
Kristen: I was trying to see if Johnny broke up with his baby-momma on Facebook, but I was webspanked by the company server.


Nancy: I received a thorough webspanking from the company server when I tried to watch Ray-J’s sex video on Youtube.
by DHAMMER October 14, 2009
the fat of a woman's stomach that is under a her belt line, yet above her vagina. It typically protrudes after she has had children.

AKA: love bubble

origin: Amharic, Ethiopian national language, this is the actual term in for this part of a woman's body.
Asfawesen: Check out that woman over there...
Assegid: She's very pretty and has nice boobies, but check out her borch. She must have had a four kids already.
by DHAMMER October 17, 2009