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1 definition by DGE

Often an extremely attractive, yet short Welsh Man with a very calm exterior, but in retrospect, a terrible temper. Llewellyn is not one to get into a fight, but when he does, he will most certainly destroy the person who has enraged him. Llewellyn has a large vocabulary and an astronomical understanding of the english language. Llewellyn is terrible at mathematics. When Llewellyn falls in love, he will treat his lady as if she is pure gold, because Llewellyn is a gentleman that has the utmost respect for women. Llewellyn is the perfect boyfriend. He is loyal towards lovers as well as friends. Llewellyn has no fear. He is often doing stupid things. Llewellyn often prefers going by the name "Lew", "Lu", or "Lou".
Girl 1: "Oh my gosh, that guy is attractive! Who is he?"
Girl 2: "that's Marcy's brother, Llewellyn! Oh he is so dreamy! A true catch! I wish he would notice me..."

Guy 1: "Dude! Josh and Llewellyn got into a fight!"
Guy 2: "Really? How badly did Josh get beat up?!"
Guy 1: "it was terrible dude! Llewellyn just went Ape-shit!"
by DGE November 03, 2012