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1. Appealing as a woman in her late 20's or 30's.

2. Appealing as a large cat. Long strides, tight flanks, big teeth. You know what I'm sayin.

3. Anything (e.g. a product or slogan) that's mature and hot.

See pumasex.
That surf has kit-kats from bretting on big cups, but her mil--that girl's pumasexy!
by DG Trentt April 05, 2008
Sex between pumas.

This includes sex between actual pumas, sex between anyone and a woman in her late 20's or 30's, and sex between a person and a puma. The latter is not recommended as large cats are known to be bitey.

See pumasexy.
Nert, she was fooning a bumkin in our pumasex when this flea with mad hage took my grib fo deezy.
by DG Trentt April 05, 2008

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