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A wonderer of the net whom seeks respect from people. A people person yet easily can become annoying. That is a cause from annoying him first. ABV. is DFS
Dude! You are such a DFS! Get the hell away from me!
by DFS February 12, 2005
It's a handjob from Taylor Swift where she just has a surprised look the whole time.
That swifty was sooo amzain!
by DFs March 01, 2012
the most annoying itch
more annyoing than itchy ballz and obviously horrible spelling errors
omfg!itchyfingerz are t3h suk!
by DFS February 12, 2005
pussy fart, or a dork in kinder terms
Dude... you piss me off... ok you queef?
by DFS February 12, 2005
it is l337 for OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
0l\/lG!! l33t 1$ |=|_|l\l
by DFS February 12, 2005
it stands for
Dude! WTF! That d00d be pimping!
by DFS February 13, 2005

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