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One of the coolest teachers at CVC.
Named "Floating" Jcakson because of the ways his legs wouldnt move while he would scroll from one side of the whiteboard to the other.
Tim Hey Dom look
Dom Floating Jacksons at it again
#floating #jackson #coolest #teacher #cvc #pengolf
by DFTOcelot August 29, 2008
The combination of the two words "fucking" and "hungry". Used to describe being very hungry. Also note never use this phrase if you are in front of people from 3rd world countries for example Etheopians.
Person A Man i'm fuckinungry
Person B Be quiet you cant say that around that guy he's Etheopian.
#fucking #hungry #etheopian #fuckungry #fuckinghungry
by DFTOcelot October 06, 2008
a mix between the words incredible and insane
man dat shits incrane
#insane #incredible #crazy #mental #honky #nigga
by DFTOcelot August 20, 2008
When your hands start to make shapes similar to that of a crabs hand/claw while playing Guitar Hero. Also known as Guitarthritis.
Some also call it Crabbing which is the the actual process of getting crab hands.
John Hey look at my note streak
Dave Nice keep it going
John Oooh god...im crabbing!!!!
Dave Man that was not a good time for crab hands.
John Your telling me.
#crab #hands #crabbing #guitarthritis #guitar #hero
by DFTOcelot August 24, 2008
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