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When a persons myspace profile is so overloaded with unnecessary items, applications, videos, etc. etc, that when the page is attempted to be viewed, that it either takes an excruciatingly long time, it wont load, or it will just crash your internet in some cases.

In some cases, a viewer will think a page is done loading, but it still has about 10 more items to go.
My girlfriends myspace page is so overloaded, it always gives me a myspace crash.
by DF fan November 19, 2008
The 6th song off of the Dragonforce album "Sonic Firestorm". This song is a 9:47 epic, and is probably one of Dragonforces best songs ever written. This song would be a NIGHTMARE on guitar hero or Rock band
Go listen to Soldiers of The Wasteland NOW. What are you doing here? I said NOW!
by DF Fan August 25, 2008

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