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Dez is the meaning of all
i wish i was dez
by dez November 11, 2003
No not one of the Two! He is the best drummer that ever lived. As Gene Krupa once said " There are lots of Great drummer in the world, then theirs Buddy Rich". HES IN HIS OWN LEAGUE
greatest drummer ever!
by Dez March 08, 2005
every girl is a 1 if you'd fuck her, a zero if you wouldn't.

gets rid of the whole 1 thru 10 rating process..
she' a 1!
by Dez March 15, 2004
fine body... butter head gotta go!
Did ya peep out da butter head on isle 5?"
by DEZ November 14, 2003
a word with no meaning
>i have a problem with my gonagonaga
>my gonagonaga is soar
>cheb has a small gonagonaga
by Dez March 16, 2004
The hippest and coolest new slang to say if you are excited about something.

<originated from da coolest DeZ>
RHYS: dez ur so much funnier then me
DEZ: yayness to the gayness!
by DeZ March 25, 2005
When a rather large man double parks his unit, waiting for his turn to enter up into another mans dirt road, while fondling the taint of the thied party.
gary was waiting to prickter johnny while sipping on a gin and juice!
by DEZ February 19, 2004
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