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When used in blogging or chat, "Dated(euphemism)" is used to mock, criticize, or show dislike for a couple who are going out.

The euphemism in parenthesis is a way to give your opinion that there is/was no love in the relationship, but rather it is/was just based on sex and lust.

It is a very mean thing to write about another person, (but funny)

Can be used in present, past, or future tenses
A blog:

After John Doe broke up with Jane last week, he Dated (Euphemism) his new neighbor Jessica. Surprisingly, the relationship did not last.
by DEL83183 April 18, 2009
Pronounced I-D-GAS Syndrome. not id-gas

Abbreviation for "I don't give a shit"

"I don't give a shit" syndrome is the vulgar term for senioritis and other times in a person's life when he or she does not care about the given task or topic.

Although it is mainly for seniors about to graduate college (or high school), it could be used by any student at the end of the semester, or others who are just not interested in the given scenario.
Professor: "Good luck with finals"
Student 1: "Thanks. I'm gonna need it. I have ID-GAS Syndrome."
Professor: What's that?
Student 1: "I don't give a shit syndrome".
Professor: "Oh..."
by DEL83183 April 18, 2009

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