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When a cell phone is being texted non stop and overloaded with text(s)
My phone was CELLIFRIED when everyone was calling me, when they heard I had a babay boy.
by DEL415 September 24, 2010
Its when you send a bunch of your contacts a text(s) in the middle of the night and its there waiting for them when they wake up.
I sent all my contacts in my phone a TIME BOMB TEXT explaining that I got a new phone number at 2:am. The next morning my new phone was CELLIFIRED, becasue they text me so much to say they got it. A few of my contacts DEFUSEXTED while I was sending them out and I had to re send them, becuase they were still up.
by DEL415 September 24, 2010
The action of being cut off while texting, by another incoming text or phone call.
I was sending a text when my other friend DEFUSEXTED me.
by DEL415 September 24, 2010

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