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A dung stain left on toilet paper. (The toilet paper is not removed from main roll.) Originated in Indiana. Can be used as a discriminating name towards someone or as a verb.
Example #1: "Did you know Tommy paper stains, and thinks its funny?"

Example #2: Alex: "Dave is such a paper stain." Brianna: "I know, he's disgusting."
by DEATHxCOW January 10, 2010
To dream crash, to wake someone up at 6:18 in the morning.
Used as a verb. Shortened to "DC".
Dave to Jon: "Stop fucking with me or i will DC (Dream crash) you tonight."
by DEATHxCOW January 10, 2010
The most legendary garden ornament ever made.
2010 is the year of the the midgets that wear pointy hats and brain wash your mind (gnome).
by DEATHxCOW January 10, 2010
A lag in publishing urban definitions on urbandictionary.com
tinysnowflake to deathtotakemysoul: Urban dictionary is jagging right now, its a pain in the ass...
by DEATHxCOW January 10, 2010
A new player to an online activity or video game.
People think it is also spelled newb. It is not!
Example #1:
Alex: Dave, you suck at halo.
Dave: Sorry, I just started playing, im kind of a noob.
by DEATHxCOW January 10, 2010

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