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noun (pr. mar-ma-goose). Plural = marmageese

1. a codeword used at day camps for staff members to talk about pedophiles without the pedophile knowing about it

2. a caucasian male aged 30 to 50 with a majestic beard and sporting thick black shades. They often travel in herds and drive commercial vans. Some of these vans have been known to contain the words "ice" and "cream" on the side.

Marmageese are known to make promises of candy and puppies to bait their prey, however, they seldom follow up on their end of the bargain.

They are most easily spotted around elementary school playgrounds after the grade 2's have arts and crafts and during that time of day popularly called "recess".

The common marmagoose is unaware of the term "15 will get you 20" but the utterance of such phrases will seldom deter them
"I can't believe Billy's Grandpa is such a marmagoose!.. wait... that wasn't...oh fuck..."

"Hey did you see that old guy just chloroform that little boy and bring him inside the ice cream truck? what a marmagoose!"

"man.. i was sweating as hard as a marmagoose at recess!"
by DE-crew February 04, 2010

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