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A person who takes a simple decision not to do drugs and turns it into an obsessive militant and ocasionally violent and loud lifestyle that revolves around hating drugs. In the closed-mind of a hardliner, drugs are wholly evil (sometimes not backed up by any real evidence and definitely not backed up by any firsthand experience) and all recreational drug users are stupid, worthless, bad people who belong in jail or dead. Known to defend their claims that marajuana is the worst thing in existence even when presented with evidence that it isn't actually harmful and that people who ocasionally smoke it can actually hold down a job and make some contributions to society (which is in stark contrast to their beliefs)
A hardliner is somebody who thinks harboring an irrational deep-seated hatred towards all recreational drug users is a healthy alternative to doing drugs.
by DDSmith August 16, 2007
A movie that is raved about because it shows a relationship between two gay men which causes people to look past its unoriginality and tedium and convinces them that it's cutting edge and daring
Brokeback Mountain might be unoriginal and stupid but we'll look tolerant of homosexuals if we give it an oscar!! -the mindset that got this movie awards
by DDSmith August 16, 2007
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