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unpimp (v): To destroy something that has been overly accessorized. Phrase introduced by US Volkswagon commercials in response to slew of "Pimp my ..." programs
Chris just spent $5000 and two years putting all that bling and fins on his Corolla, but it took his ex-girlfriend just 10 minutes and a crow bar to unpimp his ride.
by DCPY September 21, 2006
A:) A protective barrier around an individual used to block out annoying people. This concept, while started for emails, is extended to more personal means of communication. B:) A more hip and modern version of shit-list
Person A: Hey, why don't you pick up that call.
Person B: Chris is on spam-filter until he gets his act together.

"I'm warning you, If you don't stop being such an ass, you're going right into my spam-filter"
by DCPY September 21, 2006
d-wayne: State of having disappeared because of something very embarrassing that has happened to you or a family member. Comes from "Daniel Wayne Smith" son of Anna Nicole Smith who passed on Sept 10, 2006, probably out of shame.
Where's Bill, he was supposed to be here at six? Oh, he's d-wayne after taking home that hermaphrodite last night. We probably won't see him for the rest of the weekend
by DCPY September 21, 2006

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