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DC Metro slang for an erection. Refers to 90s rapster Chubb Rock.
I wore tighty whities to the prom so my inevitable chubb rock wouldn't show.
by DC Paulie January 02, 2009
DC Metro slang/codeword for a blow job or fellatio. Refers to longtime Orioles Left Fielder B.J. Surhoff.
Mary was a technivirgin who doled out surhoffs like there was no tomorrow.
by DC Paulie January 02, 2009
A DC Metro slang term that means to kill someone, break up with someone, or just generally to be through with a thing or person.
Arnold Schwarzenegger donked off like twenty dudes in Terminator 2.
I donked off my nubs Chevy Impala for a money Chevy Camero.
by DC Paulie January 02, 2009
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