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1 definition by DANimal666

Gaming alias of Marvin Sanchez, a professional gamer from Oakville, Ontario, Canada competing in Major League Gaming. He is most known for his days during Call of Duty 4 (Xbox360), in which he was discussed amongst the best in North America, and was considered one of the best Canadian players. He was formerly endorsed by Red Bull.

After COD4, he continued to play MW2 and later moved to Black Ops, but never found the same success he once had with COD4. He announced his retirement via Twitter in Spring of 2011, but had stated a possible return for MW3.

He is previously known for being a professional Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source player, as well as a former employee of CEVO where he was the Head of Division for CS:S Main.

Official Twitter: @marvinsanchez
I got matched up against cLutch EH while playing Black Ops. We had to dashboard because we were getting beat so badly!
by DANimal666 November 01, 2011