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The small ejaculation that occurs less than an hour after real ejaculation.
After I masturbated last night, I took a shower and was clean in my bed, and all of a sudden I felt a small dampness in my boxers. I found that it was Post-Ejaculation Ejaculant
by D1EN0M1TE July 07, 2009
When noreasters hammer the northeast so hard that the snow seems to eat up everything-including power and school days
Jim: Hey Joe, I heard its a real noreater up there.
Joe: Yeah, I haven't had power or school for a week.
by D1EN0M1TE February 10, 2010
A cross between principal and pedophile. Specifically related to the case of Robbins v Lower Merion School District, which involves a school spying on students.
John: Hey, I heard that they've got a real pedopal over at Harriton High School.

Bill: Yeah, it's all over the news, apparently he's been spying on kids through the school-issued laptop cameras.
by D1EN0M1TE February 20, 2010

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