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A family name more common in Great Britain (England for some of you)than the name Smith. Most of the families with this name emigrated from Liverpool to the southern states across to Texas, and are well populated in California. Hicks is a short form for Richardson, and means Son of Richard. In Belgium the name is spelled Hickx, because its origin is from the French XYZ, or "icyx, igrec, zed." Richard refers to Richard the Lionheart, who was one of the French Kings who ruled England and the name is in its original French "X".
'Enry 'Iggins loses the H in Liverpudlian, in the same way that icyx is spelled with an H in front of it sometimes, but see the famous auto racer Jacky Icyx. Richard's last name was Plantagenet, but his bastard sons were named X, and some served as peers of the realm. Dr. Michael Hicks is the Editor in Chief of American Music Magazine. David Hicks is a prominent trial lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area named in 2007 as one of the top 10 lawyers in the Greater East (San Francisco) Bay by the East Bay Business Times. Robert Hicks built the cell phone systems in Belgium and Germany for Airtouch and was COO for Globalstar which put up cell phone satellites around the world. The 3 are brothers.
by D.K. Hicks August 14, 2007

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