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1. Adj. Weak; lame; pussy; pathetic; stupid; retarded, idiot, dumb-ass comical in its sheer idiocy or feebleness. Subpar;
2. A really lame object/person or action
3. With gamers, it usually refers to the lame actions or ineffective gameplay referring to the awkwardness of their movements or lack of coordination while playing and thus getting owned.
4. Used when frustrated as well when the pony is the source of the frustration
1."Man that guy was a total pony"
2."What a pony ass nigga"
3. "That movie was totally pony"
4. "That team was a bunch of ponies."
5. "They all played like a bunch of ponies"
6. "I havent seen so many ponies since a horse show"
7. "Man pony"
8. "Dammit why did you have to act like/ be such a pony. "
by D.Griffin June 05, 2007

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