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Weed is Marihuana. The greatest stuff on the planet. It's not as harmfull as harddrugs are like Cocaine and XTC, and even drinking alcohol has worse effects than smoking marihuana. There are allots of types like Skunk, Haze, Jack Herer, Ak-47, Chronic, Ice-O-Lator, Northernlight, White Widow (good shit) etc.

There are alot of words to describe Marihuana:
Jongo (Although I think that's a Dutch local word)

Smoking weed will get you stoned. When stoned, the effects will differ sometimes. In some cases people will get very laughable (This is what I personaly aim for when smoking), other times the effect can make a person very calm. Whatever the case, weed will almost always create a feeling of "peace". People will be less agressive when either stoned or high (The effect of Hasj)and the mood will be mostly good. This is why I promote the use of Marihuana over harddrugs and alcohol, as these 2 often cause agressiveness.

Weed can be consumed in different ways. The "normal" and mostly used form is by smoking (In a Joint) but it can also be eaten (like in spacecake). There are allot of forms it can be eaten in, my cousin even cooked us Weed-soup!:)

Although smoking weed can be fun and relaxed, you can always do it too much(And TOO much is never good) and it will have a negative effect on your body.
"Damn, that weed got us flying last night at Jacks place!"
by D.G September 27, 2005

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