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A pair of testicles or nut sack.
"Why don't I pop an Alka-Seltzer in my mouth and gargle your Betty Bojangles"
#nuts #sack #nutsack #scrotum #balls #testicles
by D. Bittick June 14, 2007
In giving a hand job, when someone has one hand around your penis while their other hand is smacking your pecker head like beating a ketchup bottle when pouring.
"She was beating my dick off last night and then did the ketchup bottle move before I finished!"
#hj #handjob #jerking off #job #beating off
by D. Bittick June 14, 2007
A term for someone who does something stupid or something that makes you mad. It has nothing to do with queefing, it is just a funny word to call someone. First used by a kid with a mild form of Tourette's Syndrome.
"Meyer called me a queefer dill for knocking his books out of his hand in the hallway."
#d bag #douche #dumbass #jerkoff #asshat #assclown
by D. Bittick June 15, 2007
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