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2 definitions by D. Bagg

Situations, or past experiences that cause or warrant homosexual tendencies.
"Wow, Michael sure is acting differently since college... I think he came on to me yesterday!"
"Yeah, he seems to have a lot of faggage."

"I have a hard time believing Brian is straight, he just has a lot of faggage."
by D. Bagg January 17, 2012
Verb- A phrase for when one does something very stupid, ruining a previously joyous event, like buying a pie and then accidentally sitting on it.
"He did what?! He crashed his new car?! Wow, he really sat on the pie this time!"

"Now this is an important meeting, don't sit on the pie and embarrass us again!"

"You forgot your son's birthday cake?! Way to sit on the pie Dick!"
by D. Bagg February 09, 2012