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49 definitions by D. Arse

Means "cute" or "pretty" in Japanese. Grossly overused by fat wapanese dorks in their futile attempts to woo their school's female Japanese exchange student(s).
Reality Check: Native Japanese don't use the word "kawaii" as much as you dorks do. Shut it down.
by D. Arse August 05, 2004
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A black person that does their best to please white people even if it means disowning their own racial identity.
"Uncle Tom House Niggers do scare me" - KRS One "House Niggas" (1989)
by D. Arse February 12, 2005
1042 252
When a minority in America (and more recently, Caucasians) try to call foul on a situation that is detrimental to them and say the situation is racially discriminatory. Now, whether it is or not is irrelevant, as such stories are taken as gospel.
Because the black woman didn't win in "The Apprentice", she pulled the race card.

Miguel had the lowest work rating in the company, took 5 personal days in a row and came into work drunk. He was fired, but because he went to the ACLU and pulled the race card, he has his job back.
by D. Arse August 23, 2004
752 192
An affliction the webmasters at Urban Dictionary seem to have an acute case of. Reload their front page 10 times, and I bet a different asian girl pops up 9 times.
Obsess much, guys? Your yellow fever has infected nearly the entire site
by D. Arse October 03, 2005
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A badass motherfucker with a chainsaw. Do NOT fuck with him.
Leatherface will chop off your leg and shove it up your ass!
by D. Arse February 08, 2005
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This is a situation when someone tries to futilly reform the way things are done in a failing system.
The consolidation of domestic agency intelligence under the banner of "Homeland Security" is nothing more than Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic.
by D. Arse December 13, 2004
201 79
The name of someone that is on a vendetta to make you regret ever choosing her as a partner.
I work a 12 hour day, do chores, and play with the kids, but I still catch hell from the wife when I pop open a can of beer and watch the game.
by D. Arse June 26, 2005
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