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107 definitions by D. Gould

Someone who is using performance-enhancing drugs.
"Pro wrestlers? Yup. Totally on the gas."
by D. Gould December 06, 2008
6 2
To procure a twenty dollar lap dance.
"You're cute, honey. Let's go back into the Champagne Room, and do the deuce."
by D. Gould February 22, 2006
7 3
Injecting drugs into your bloodstream. Usually done by only the most hardcore addicts, as it results in the quickest high.
"I know this junkie that got HIV, from tapping a vein."
by D. Gould February 14, 2006
5 1
A customer, who's well schooled in the practice of appearing aloof, to the salesperson's offer of assistance. More often than not, it is a facade. The more the profesional browser appears aloof, the more likley they are seriously interested in the product the are inspecting.
"The professional browser tried that jacket on three times. Alot, for someone claiming to not be interested in it."
by D. Gould January 12, 2006
6 2
A homosexual or bi-sexual, habitually found at a bathhouse. Often for days at a stretch. Perpetually high on "E", and often found crusing the halls for quick, casual sex. Also describes a "hustler", who wanders the bathhouse, covertly looking for tricks. Despite their obvious access to running water and hygiene products, they often appear somewhat disheveled. With characteristic bloodshot eyes, that possess a glazed-over appearance.
"I just went in to take a shower, and this bathhouse bandit tried to suck my dick!"
by D. Gould January 10, 2006
8 4
The side effects felt the morning after one has been dosed with Rohypnol. Some of which includes dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, memory imparement, and stomach problems.
"You look like shit. You hung over?"

"I should't be. I only had three beers."

"Uh oh! You got the Roofie Flu!"
by D. Gould March 06, 2009
10 7
The 30-second window of opportunity, that accompanies the sudden and powerful urge to have a bowel movement. In which you either find a bathroom, or risk shitting your pants.
"Oh God....I feel a shit bubble coming on! PULL THE CAR OVER! NOW!!"
by D. Gould August 31, 2008
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