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A phrase used to describe the transparent and artifical nature, of a person's projected character or personality.
"That chick pretends to be sincere and honest, but she's like 'tits in Cali': totally FAKE."
by D. Gould January 25, 2006
A slang phrase, used by professionals in the motorcycle industry. Often to describe male riders, who are overly fashion concious, ride with reckless disregard to others, are abundantly cheap when purchasing quality, safety equipment, and are generally ignorant of the specifics of their own machines. These people are frowned upon by serious enthusiasts of the sport, as they set a bad example to others. They view motorcyles, not with the respect and responsibility they command, but simply as an extension of their penis. Frequently the cause of accidents, and subsequent high insurance rates.
"Dude's first bike, was a GSXR 1000. And he rode it, in shorts and a t-shirt. That MOFO was PURE street squid.".
by D. Gould December 23, 2005
"Blading", is the process by which a professional wrestler opens up a wound on his forehead, to up the drama of the match. It is usually performed using slight of hand, and a razorblade secretly tucked away in either his apparel, or the tape on his wrist.
"Dusty Rhodes, is the godfather of blading!"
by D. Gould March 15, 2006
An anus, that looks like it has been penetrated one too many times. And is subsequently puffy in appearance.
"I think her ass had been tapped the night before I fucked her. Because she had a serious case of pouty bum."
by D. Gould March 02, 2006
Occurs during the act of "doggy-style" sexual intercourse. When the giver attempts to enter the receiver's anus, without first requesting permission to do so. Usually resulting in the incompletion of said act.
"Homes trying to slip in, a back alley parkin' job on his woman. But she revoked his driver's licence!"
by D. Gould January 05, 2006
Any male perfomer, in adult film.
"Rocco Siffredi, is an UBER cock star!"
by D. Gould March 16, 2006
A pre-stage ritual performed by male strippers, involving a rubber band and/or cock ring, and visual aids. The stripper uses a visual aid (usually a skin magazine) and his hand in order to gain an errection. When the errection is acquired and is at its fullest, he traps the blood inside it (or "ties off"), by placing the rubber band or cock ring, at the base of his penis. This keeps his errection full while on stage. Especially if he is prone to "stage fright".
"Dude....Why are you tying off? There's only three fucking women in the entire crowd!"
by D. Gould March 08, 2006

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