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Finding yourself in a situation that is fast-paced, and physically overwhelming. Often that feeling is heighted by a sense of mass confusion, and personal ineptness. Term was first coined to describe the "D-Day" invasion of World War 2. When Allied ships inflitrated Nazi shores, and infantry troops literally had to "hit the ground running", to keep from getting shot.
"I started my new job today. It was so busy, I had to hit the ground running, and had no time to get any training in."
by D. Gould February 23, 2006
To screw up a major opportunity, that possibly comes along only once in a blue moon.
"One keg of beer, two blonde twins, a hotel room, and an endless supply of rubbers. Think he shagged them? Nope. He dropped the ball."
by D. Gould February 15, 2006
Any poisonous, liquid concoction one drinks, in order to commit suicide. Taken from the infamous "Jonestown massacre" mass suicide, when cult leader Jim Jones killed his flock with poisoned punch.
"Drain cleaner and Jack Daniels? That's a Jim Jones Kool Aid, if I EVER heard one!"
by D. Gould March 01, 2006
A prostitute, who exclusively works truck stops along an interstate highway. Unlike high class call girls, they are usually dressed very non-descript.
"That truck stop trixie, has walked from rig to rig for over an hour. Looking for a john."
by D. Gould January 23, 2006
A short guy, who won't allow his wife or girlfriend to wear high heels, because it makes her taller then himself. Name appropriately after Tom Cruise: The Scientology Midget of Hollywood.
"Good thing I don't have Tom Cruise complex. My girlfriend has a closet filled with platform boots."
by D. Gould November 05, 2006
A method of human disposal, developed and perfected by the Italian mob. Involves encasing a person's feet in poured concrete, and dumping them, alive or dead, into a deep body of water.
"Luco Brata sleeps with the fishes. We just fitted him for concrete shoes."
by D. Gould February 09, 2006
Any person, in which trouble and drama, follows them everywhere they go.
"Stay away from that chick. She's a total shit magnet."
by D. Gould January 01, 2007
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