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A sport bike rider, infamous for their insane hijynks. Often observed pulling endos, wheelies, burnouts, and burying their speedo on the highway. Much like "street squid", they rarely wear the proper riding apparel. Ranked as the following:

1.) "H.I.T." (Hooligan In Training)- Beginner.

2.) "Resident" Hooligan- Intermediate.

3.) "Confirmed" Hooligan- Professional.
"How long's Mark had his GSXR?"

"About two seasons. Since then, he's laid it down twice pulling endos, and got busted for doing 160km's on the highway. At this point, he's a confirmed hooligan."
by D. Gould June 08, 2006
The king of snobby, whiney motorcyclists. Frowned upon, because of their insseent need to be waited on, hand and foot. In addition, to their unsubstantiated beliefs, that they ride THE "superior motorcycle".
"Hard luggage, tailbags, gel seats, and heated grips? Who the fuck puts all this unnecessary shit on their bike?"

"A BMW rider. Who else?"
by D. Gould March 19, 2006

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