19 definitions by D-san

A song from the Tenchi Muyo! Soundfile in which Aeka reveals that she is, in fact, a closet dominatrix.
"Oujosama to oyobi!" *WHIPCRACK*
by D-san July 12, 2003
An actual form of Boy Scouting. You'd never think it with such a patently gay name, but it seriously is.
"Damn you, man scout!"
by D-san July 16, 2003
A more tolerable way of saying "shut the fuck up."
"Sparks, shut the damn up!"
by D-san July 12, 2003
Isn't that a YuGiOh card? Can attack twice in one turn?
Fuck, that Gravity Bind keeps me from pwning his stupid Hayabusa...
by D-san September 05, 2003
A new fetish.
by D-san July 16, 2003

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