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Originallly developed in the late '90s to replace the word "Cock". The current spelling was adapted to present a Politically Correct version, of a favored slang term. The end result is a socially acceptable version, which remains acceptable in all situations, while not sounding lame such as: Penis, Groin, Dick, or Blue-Rare-Man-Meat.
"You are a Khak-Mongrel"
"How about a nice slice of khak"
by D-i-Z August 29, 2005
To get absorbinantly drunk, high, or a combination of both to the point where you are well-beyond "Shit-Faced"
"I've got a 2-4,and a Quarter-O, you wanna get Shit-Canned?"
by D-i-Z August 29, 2005

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